News Release

WL-2002-10 November 1, 2002

Coral Line Stage Now in Production

Ottawa, Canada Wyetech Labs is pleased to announce the premier Coral line stage preamplifer, one that sets a new benchmark in price and performance!

This high speed, ultra wide bandwidth line stage follows in the tradition of the Opal and Jade, delivering exceptional sound quality with low distortion and ultra linearity. The Coral uses the same precision stepped volume and balance controls found in the Jade, allowing precise settings and functions not seen before in a moderately priced preamflifier. Implementing three low noise military specification NOS dual triode vacuum tubes without the use of feedback, this preamflifier is compatible with both solid state and tube amplifiers. Calibrated switch settings allow precise control over all volume and balance settings. The inputs use relay switching located next to RCA jacks to keep the signal path as short as possible.

The Coral preamplifier will be available for sale on November 25, 2002. For more information, please contact:

Roger Hebert, president/design engineer
Wyetech Labs
(613) 526-5390