After having been on the market less than a year the Opal preamp has been accepted as the leading edge in sound reproduction. Four years later it still holds that title. Less than two years later we followed up with the development of the JADE to mimic the Opal as close as possible, while making it more affordable to a wider audience. After having obtained a lifetime supply of quality military new old stock [NOS] tubes we began the research and development to use these tubes that resulted in the Coral. The fact that we have secured these exceptional military quality tubes at a very reasonable price made it possible to implement a pure triode topology in a attractively priced package.

This together with other innovative manufacturing methods have allowed us to offer a world class linestage at a most affordable price. At 40% less costly than the Jade and over 70% less than the Opal, the Coral undeniably offers the best price/performance in the industry while maintaining the accuracy and musicality consistent with any Wyetech product!

We've retained the grounded grid configuration which we deem to be the best possible circuit topology for line level amplification This circuit, like the Opal and Jade, maintains an exceptional bandwidth that extends well beyond 250,000Hz. Our primary design philosophy that less is better than more has been our objective in designing the Coral preamp linestage.


The 250 Volt DC power supply uses a Pye RC filter network, that eliminates all noise and ripple to below what our test instruments can detect. This was accomplished by the use of larger electrolytic reservoir capacitors than would normally be used. A 12 Volt DC power supply, that consist of a double Pye RC filter , is used to power the tube filaments thus reducing hum levels even further.

We have again avoided using active feedback [ Regulation ] in order to maintain the speed of the power supply in relation to the extremely fast analog circuitry. An AC power line filter is also used to prevent unwanted noise and hash from entering into the unit.


The Coral's double sided printed circuit board [ PCB ] has been manufactured with the same high standards as that found in the Onyx amplifier. It has full solder masking on both sides of it's premium glass epoxy board with white silk screening that identifies parts and their placement for fast efficient hand soldering and assembling. These boards are held elevated from the surrounding metal chassis to avoid any capacitive coupling between components.

We import from Denmark our stepped ELMA volume controls that use 0.1% precision metal film surface mount resistors that is second best in life expectancy only to the Shallco military switches used in the Opal. It is the same quality volume and balance controls as that found in the Jade linestage.

The black knobs have a white dot indicator to match the precision markings on the face plate that allow easy visual settings for all functions. This is especially useful for resetting previous levels of desired loudness control on the volume attenuator.

We also use WECO screw terminal connections to fasten most wires to the PCB to facilitate easier replacement of parts for future reparability and long service life. All 18 RCA connectors are gold plated with Teflon insulating sleeves and are bolted to the chassis and not the PCB board to facilitate individual replacement if or when necessary.

A Toroid power transformer with dual primary windings, allow for 115/230 Volt universal usage that is switch selectable on the PCB board. The best quality NKK [Japan] toggle switches adorn the front panel using decorative knurled nuts differentiate the Coral as being a premium product. Large 8 mm LED's, the same as in found in all our other equipment, adds to that elegant rugged retro appearance.

Since perfection is our goal, we don’t think parts should impart a signature sound but rather allow the sound to flow through unaltered. The type of parts used therefore must have a synergistic relationship to the circuit they are placed in. It is this relationship of which type of part to use where, that ranks our products apart from the crowd!